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Organizations from around New Jersey have joined together to form Clean Energy Action Now! (CLEAN), a campaign dedicated to increasing awareness of the health, economic, and climate benefits of an equitable clean energy future. We support policies that encourage and accelerate the adoption of solutions such as electric vehicles and all-electric homes powered by 100% clean energy by 2035. Rather than allow the polluting fossil fuel industry to stall New Jersey’s energy future, CLEAN works to move New Jersey forward faster toward a clean energy future that creates jobs and builds healthier communities.

We know that a clean energy future will:

Deliver cleaner air and healthier communities

Keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer months

Reduce monthly utility bills

Provide good-paying jobs in a wide range of clean energy industries

Reduce our dependence on dirty, unstable fossil fuel markets

New Jersey residents want climate action.


More than 70% support more ambitious climate action in New Jersey.


73% of voters are concerned or very concerned about the effect of climate change on New Jersey. They are demanding action.

New Jersey residents demand policies that support:


100% clean electricity by 2035, primarily from growing well-sited onshore wind, offshore wind and solar resources


Transitioning New Jersey’s homes and buildings to highly efficient, pollution-free appliances


Accelerated electric vehicle adoption including trucks and buses

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Clean energy is the greatest tool we have to deliver cleaner air and fight climate change.

The facts are undeniable: clean energy will save New Jersey residents money, improve our health, and protect us from the worst impacts of climate change. We need to go forward faster on a common-sense clean energy transition that creates jobs and builds pollution-free communities.

Advocacy Spotlight:

Building Electrification

Building electrification means switching from fossil fuel-powered appliances — like gas and propane furnaces, hot water heaters and stoves — to clean, highly efficient electric appliances like electric heat pumps, heat pump hot water heaters and induction stoves.